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History of Justin Spinelli

Justin Spinelli has competed at the Highest Level of Professional Cycling, participating in the most revered European Races.  Justin has now continued his Professional Road Racing and Cyclocross Campaign in North America.

Justin Spinelli's Team History
1998: US National Cycling Team,
           Richard Sachs/NECSA
1999: US National Cycling Team,
2000: Mercury U-23 Cycling Team
2000: Team Farm Frites (Hol)
2001: Team Saeco - Cannondale
2002: Team Saeco - Longoni (Ita)
2003: Team Navigators (USA)
2004: Team Richard Sachs/CYBC
          Team Richard Sachs/RGM
2006: Team Nerac/Outdoorlights



Justin Spinelli's Coaches, Trainers and Mentors
1998: Betsy Davis, Mike Fraysee, Murek Mazur
1998: Adam Myerson (Cyclocross)
1999: Chris Carmichael
2000: Roy Knickman
2001: Dr. Daniele Tarsi, Claudio Corti
2002: Dr. Daniele Tarsi, Flavio Miozzo
2003: Dr. Michael Ross
2004: Richard Sachs
2005: Rick Crawford
2006: Chann McRae