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Thanks for the latest workouts. They look terrific. So far this season, which is really my first as I only raced twice last year, has been great. In 30+ masters I finished 10th and 15th in full-field crits. In cat 4,5 races I have a 1st, 2nd (brutal climbs, toughest riding I have ever done), 3rd, 4th (caught at the line, 1/2 second from the win on a solo break), and a 5th. It is awesome to go into a race feeling like, hey I can win this. What an advantage to have confidence. Thanks!



Thanks. Since using your program, I have gone from a 5 to a 3 in one season. Thanks.

Matthew Rossman


Justin and Matt,
                  Thanks so much. This program has me three months ahead of last year 
Brad Callos
 Dear Matt/Justin:
                  This past weekend I had my first 'event' of 2004- a 98k ride in 
                  southern Switzerland. The group started out quite fast- we covered the 
                  first flat 40k in about 70 minutes. It was faster than I've ridden but 
                  I was pleased with my ability to hang on. Then the big hill of the day 
                  started- the first 4k at about 7%. I kept thinking about the training 
                  packet advice from you guys- keep within the limits and stay steady. 
                  Sure enough, by 5k people were dropping by the wayside and for the next 
                  5 k to the top I slowly passed quite a few guys that had blown up, and 
                  I finished the climb with a strong last 2k. I don't ever remember 
                  feeling so good going uphill!! (Just a note- most of the guys had 
                  triples on the front- I was worried that my 27 wasn't going to be 
                  manageable but it was fine.) The last 48 had a few ups and downs 
                  straight into a strong headwind- but I pulled a couple of friends 
                  through the last 2 k and we finished strong.
                  When I started with the program and I hoped that I'd get stronger, 
                  faster and have more endurance than when I started. This was the first 
                  real test of my training and I was really really happy with the how I 
                  rode- so many thanks!! I was all the more impressed with how I did 
                  considering I'd been off the bike for most of the previous 10 days due 
                  to travelling around for work stuff . . .
                  So- here's the question- I've signed up for a 170k ride around Lake 
                  Geneva in 10 days. The course is quite flat- and probably more than a 
                  bit windy. This will be ~60k farther than I've ridden in the past. Do 
                  you have any suggestions on getting ready for such a long grind? My 
                  intuition tells me to go out for 120-130k this weekend than take it 
                  easy with 1-2 hour rides for the rest of the week, tapering off towards 
                  the end. Lots of stretching . . . any other tips?
                  Thanks again for the inspiration,
                  Brad Clemmons